The Hawthorn Gallery
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Adam Hornsby
I grew up in Sheffield and although I seem to keep moving away I always come home. I went to college here, I studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, even after graduating I moved around and still I came back here. I started working in an art gallery nearby and that is ultimately what helped define me as an artist. Seeing how the artists worked, what inspired and drove them, studying their techniques it really made me look at my own practice and examine what I did with my own work. The female form has always inspired me, how someone can be so delicate and so strong at the same time. I find that with my paintings I can really explore who someone is and what they mean to me. From the initial idea through to taking the reference photographs, then development and finally the finished piece, often the models in my paintings become more than just subjects, they become my friends. It really is fascinating getting to know someone as you paint them. I have also started to explore tattoo culture in my work. Having worked with iconic models such as Becky Holt, Roo Morgue and Annalizia I've discovered not only how much of a technical challenge tattoos are, but also how deeply connected these models are to the artwork on their bodies and how fascinating and exciting the subculture of the tattoo world is.
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