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Edition Size: 150

Medium: Silkscreen

Image width: 32.5 inches
Image height: 42.5 inches


Pegasus is perhaps best known for 'Fallen Angel', an image of Amy Winehouse on the side of a Camden information center (Starbucks) that was whitewashed over before being repainted and 'opened' by Winehouse's mother Janis in December 2013. The artwork was the site of an unofficial shrine for Ms. Winehouse in the days after the singer's death in 2011. Pegasus said: "I am so pleased that my Amy Angel work means so much to people. I love Amy and the world is a much poorer place without her. Her legacy will be remembered forever and the work the Amy Winehouse Foundation is doing is testimony to her kindness and love for others.” The Camden New Journal printed an image of a fan revealing a tattoo of Pegasus' famous Amy piece, complete with the Pegasus tag of a flying horse.


Amy by Pegasus, Pop

Amy by Pegasus, Pop