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Between the Lines
Hamish Blakely


Medium: Oil on Canvas

Image width: 870 mm
Image height: 997 mm


Reminiscent of changing times, ‘Between the Lines’ begs the viewer to create a backstory for the two young women who challenge us with the new-found feminine confidence of the post-Great War period. For those interested in the flapper culture or the strong female leads in ‘Downton Abbey’, Hamish Blakeley captures the spirit of a bygone, but increasing modern, era. Unique in having never gone to print, this original was painted in 2007 as part of Blakely’s collection of 1920s female protagonists.

Stunning original. Customer Sale. Contact us to arrange a viewing. Please note image size includes frame.

Figurative | Portrait | Rare | Customer Sale

Between the Lines by Hamish Blakely, Figurative | Portrait | Rare | Customer Sale