The Hawthorn Gallery
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Ian Rawling
Born in 1966, Ian's love of creativity has always remained with him, from drawing anything and everything as a child through to pavement drawing as an art student in Sheffield. Subsequently he has forged a successful career as an artist for large greetings card companies & fine art publishers. A natural people watcher, Ian's many trips to parks, zoos and the seaside with his family are always accompanied by a pencil and sketchbook. His paintings aim to convey the simple pleasures in life, such as a bike ride through the woods or an impromptu bounce on a trampoline, through the use of his gentle larger than life characters, limited colour palette and subtle shading. The characters' expressionless faces often give a sense that they are daydreaming... something that Ian can relate to being an artist! Ian lives and works in Sheffield with his partner, two children and an array of pets.
Passion Wagon
A Kiss and a Cuddle
Sold Out
Off to Town
Sold Out