The Hawthorn Gallery
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Margaret Clarkson
Margaret was born in 1941 in Rotherham and feels, as do many people in this age group, that the austerity of the 1940s and 50s created its own visual and emotional ethos that is both unique and memorable. "Many people regard the 1940s and 50s as the ‘good old days’ whether or not they really were. Materially I suppose, we had very little, but our daily lives were rich with activity and detail. I like to recreate the mood of that post-war era." Margaret was an art teacher for many years in South Yorkshire, after training at Rotherham School of Art and Bromley College of Art. She has had several exhibitions; done commissions for book illustration; her prints have been used in regional and national magazines; her original paintings, limited edition prints and greetings cards are sold in over 200 galleries throughout Britain. Although known mostly for her figurative and nostalgic images, this website also shows other aspects of Margaret’s work.
The Nit Nurse
Sold Out
Dodgems & Waltzers
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Saturday Sunday
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Taking a Penalty
Cornet Solo