The Hawthorn Gallery
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Robert Oxley


Medium: Original on Box Canvas

Image width: 36 inches
Image height: 36 inches


Original to print from this highly collectable artist. More photographs available soon.

When volcanic lava cools quickly it solidifies to a glass-like rock, deep black but also translucent. Like my work - I like to have a duality. The panther is strong, cunning yet reclusive and secretive. Used as a healing crystal, Obsidian aids spirit contact and the gift of prophecy. Also it is believed that if you meet a black panther in your dreams it's time to face your fears. I've used a full frontal image of the panther to emphasise this and to remind us that if we face our fears, we'll be stronger for it. In our darkest hour we strike gold.


Obsidian by Robert Oxley, Animals