The Hawthorn Gallery
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Stephen Simpson
I try to paint in a routine to make my life as ‘normal’ as a full time artists’ can be. Waking up at 7:30, I freshen up with a quick shower followed by a large coffee to liven me up! An hour later I’m in my car driving to my studio. It’s a 30 minute drive from home which is great for me as I have time to wake up and psyche myself up for the day ahead. By the time I arrive at my studio I’m ready to crack on. I’ll play some music; this could be anything depending on my mood as I have quite an eclectic taste. On the day I might be continuing a painting in progress or starting a new piece. I work until 6pm in the studio unless I’m in ‘the zone’ when time just seems to disappear and before I know it I could still be painting into the early hours. There are some days in the studio when for no reason things just don’t flow and I find myself getting frustrated, if this happens the best thing for me to do is down tools and take time off to clear my mind and relax. I’m a keen angler and find spending a day on a lake is the best way for me to unwind. It might sound counter-productive but this relaxation time is just as important as my time spent in the studio. I’m sure any artist will relate to this and it’s something I struggle to explain to people that you can’t force the ideas, they just come and when they do it’s important for me to work.