The Hawthorn Gallery
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Steve Lovatt
Artist and sculptor Steve Lovatt has worked within the art industry for over 35 years, turning his hand to a wide range of materials and projects, including international commissions in Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai, Raffles Plaza in Singapore and Restaurant Petrus in London. His new collection, Twisted, is imbued with humour and embraces the inner child in all of us through a series of vibrant balloon animal sculptures. Lovatt first learned how to create characters out of balloons at a children’s party. Very soon, he was able to make a variety of fun characters to amuse his children, and his hobby developed into an art form. Doing what I do brings happiness both to me and my collectors… It draws upon a symbol of happiness embedded in our collective psyche from our formative years, themes of children’s parties and simple pleasures. What more validation do I need? - Steve Lovatt
Pom Pom - Black