The Hawthorn Gallery
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Therese James
Therese James is a full time artist who has been painting and exhibiting since 1993. As a member of the Naive School she works from a compulsion to recreate what she feels and sees. Being a self taught naive she relies purely on an instinctive approach to her art and has developed her own style with representative characters who inhabit the world of her paintings. Therese gets much of her inspiration from the places and literature of her native Wales and the West Country. I paint the way I paint because I do not know 'the rules' , my paintings are a journey of discovery. Each painting is unique, I never know how I am going to get there - I only know I have to and that when the journey is complete I will know. Each one is a roller coaster of emotions, there are many moments of despair but they are all worth it when I reach the finished painting and I am so happy.
The Fishymen
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The Shy Snowman
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